Debut 12" from the Los Angeles Ladies Choir. Led by Aska Matsumiya and Becky Stark, The Choir has grown many voices deep.

"We are a collective of women devoted to singing together joyfully! When we sing we experience the pleasure of our voices. And when we are together we organize our experience according to the principle of being kind above all things. Our music is the sound of this! We are dedicated to creating healing experiences for ourselves and for others, our other selves we haven't yet met. We recognize that music is a resource for strength and we have the ability to magnify our strength by coming together and sharing our joy! Our music is always dedicated to the planet earth, the most beautiful planet in the world! The most beautiful planet that ever lived!"

1st pressing of 500. 1st 250 on clear pink vinyl. First come first served. Comes with digital DL.


Read a cool review and download Side A from the great 20 Jazz Funk Greats blog here -

We might reprint another hundred of these..


Jesus Christ, we got the unbound proofs of this book last week and they look better than anything we've ever done, EVER.
It will be available SOON.

What else? Coming soonish still, Mikki and the Mauses/Deracine split LP, Aska/Fuego LP, John Wiese LP, Wild Child LP, Crazy Band 7"..

Oh, who is Crazy Band?
Crazy Band is the best new band in LA and they are playing their first show TOMORROW NIGHT (Tuesday) @ The Smell.
This is a special show for more than one reason, but mostly those reasons are secret. Crazy Band plays first, and there is going to be a ton of macaroni and chz.
If you are in the LA area, you do not want to this shit.